100 Theme Prompt Drabble Challenge

Drabble Me This…

A collection of drabbles, each exactly 100 words long, which consist of various characters, genres, and fandoms.

The main reason for this series is that I wanted to create a challenge for myself and limit my word count to try and focus on developing my skills as a writer as well as concentrate on specific themes, which have spiked my interest.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their respective owners.

Day 1: Captive ~ [Harry Potter]

Day 2: Touch ~ [James Bond]

Day 3: Birthday ~ [James Bond]

Day 4: Gone ~  [James Bond]

Day 5: Trust ~  [James Bond]

Day 6: Moonlight ~  [James Bond]

Day 7: Candle ~  [James Bond]

Day 8: Letters ~ [As Time Goes By]

Day 9: Pain ~  [James Bond]

Day 10: Dance ~ [As Time Goes By]

Day 11: Sunshine ~  [James Bond]

Day 12: Snow ~  [James Bond]

Day 13: Sacrifice ~ [James Bond]

Day 14: Alone ~  [James Bond]

Day 15: Gunshot ~ [James Bond]

Day 16: Jealously~ [James Bond]

Day 17: Despair~ [James Bond/Harry Potter]

Day 18: Lust~ [James Bond]

Day 19: Forever~ [Mrs Brown (1997)]