Drabble # 15 ~ Gunshot

Fandom: James Bond

Pairing: James Bond/Olivia Mansfield

Characters: James Bond, Olivia Mansfield

Word Count: 100

Summary:  M isn’t as safe as she thought in Bolivia.

Notes: Gif made by myself.


All he saw was the red dot against white causing him to run back to M, as he pushed them both to the ground just as a single gunshot rang out.

Scanning the area, he saw the sniper on the upper balcony. Pulling out his gun, he took aim and fired causing the sniper to flee as agents started to surround the area.


At hearing her voice, James looked down at her, relieved that she wasn’t injured.

Standing up, he helped M to her feet, before pulling her into his arms taking comfort in knowing that she was safe.

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