The 50-Word Fiction Competition

So, today I decided to challenge myself and write a 50-word story based on a prompt given by the Scottish Book Trust. The prompt they had given was as follows;

December’s prompt

Grand house in the snow.

Write a story set in this building.

This was one of the hardest writing challenges that I have ever done, and I am quite proud that I managed to stick to the 50-word limit. As to whether or not I win the overall competition for the month of December is another matter entirely. However, If I do not win, it is not a complete loss, as I managed to motivate myself to try something new and different to help improve my creative ideas and writing style.

If you would like to submit an entry, you can find the details on the Scottish Book Trust website. I would encourage anyone to give it a try and see what ideas you can come up with based on the photo. It can be challenging, but quite enjoyable too.

I wish everyone the best of luck should they wish to compete.

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