Drabble # 17 ~ Despair


Fandom: James Bond/Harry Potter

Pairing: James Bond/Olivia Mansfield

Characters: James Bond, Olivia Mansfield, Minerva McGonagall

Word Count: 100

Summary:  During the Battle of Hogwarts, James and Minerva mourn the loss of someone they love.

Notes: A James Bond/Harry Potter crossover drabble that takes place during the Battle of Hogwarts. I love crossing over these two fandoms, and I may turn this into a full length story in the future.


Minerva’s felt her heartbreak at the sight of James Bond, falling to pieces over the unmoving body of Olivia.

“I’m sorry, Bond.”

“You’re sorry! Sorry won’t make things right! Sorry won’t bring her back! How did it happen?”

“She was dueling Amycus Carrow, when his sister hit her with the killing curse. I tried to warn her, but by then it was already too late.”

Her mind kept replaying the scenario over, and over. She hadn’t been quick enough, and as a result, Olivia had paid the price.

That simple fact alone would haunt her until the day she died.

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