Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Review


So, I finally saw Murder on the Orient Express tonight and loved every minute of it. I’ve seen many reviews from critics who have given it harsh reviews, but I found it quite enjoyable, more so than the 1974 adaptation.

Branagh’s adaptation I found to be much more darker and suspenseful. I know it has been said that the story itself has been overdone, but I find each time they do a remake of Christie’s work, it introduces a new audience. Just because majority know how this story ends, many don’t. A few of my friends that I went to see it with, didn’t know how it ended and they thoroughly enjoyed it.
Branagh does a fine job at playing Poirot. He made the character his own, which is what I was hoping for. He didn’t try to be Finney or Suchet, but rather he put his own spin on the character and I found it worked rather well. As for the mustache, it’s not as off putting as i thought it would be when i first saw the trailer.
The rest of the cast are just as good at playing their respective characters. Especially, Judi who always delivers, and always conveys so much emotion even when she has scenes with no dialogue. I only wish there was more screen time with some of the characters, as parts did seem to be rushed, but i can see why it was done that way.
Another thing i really liked about this adaptation is that there is more action in this one than the 1974 adaptation, which made it more exciting in my honest opinion. Not to mention the scenery, and the camera shots were simply stunning. It felt like you were immersed into the movie with the cast.
Overall, I know remakes are not to everyone’s cup of tea, and I know this story has been done to death, (pardon the pun), but i thought Branagh did a wonderful job at putting his own spin to a well known story and created an enjoyable movie with a stellar cast. If Branagh decides to make more of Christie’s adaptations, which i think he might, would definitely go and see them.

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