The Worst Witch (2017): S01E11 – The Mists of Time


I was re-watching the ‘Mists of Time,’ and I tend to avoid this episode partly because I have so many questions and theories that it makes my brain go into overdrive. Some of this post probably doesn’t make sense, (and It probably didn’t help that I fell asleep listening to one of the Doctor Who audiobooks last night).  Anyways, I just had to get this out as it has been screaming at me for the past hour.

So here we go.

In the episode ‘Mists of Time’ we know that the only way to return to your own time is to enter the same way you left, but if you don’t or alter a certain event, then it can change the present. We see this when Maud’s Grandmother is expelled in the past, Maud’s personality changes drastically.

So what would have happened if young Ada managed to complete the spell and did take her mother’s powers? What would have happened to Hecate and the other teachers? Would Hecate still be working at Cackles? And if she did would she be the way we see her now? Would Ada become like Agatha? From their childhood scenes, their futures could have turned out quite differently.

Perhaps all the teacher’s are still working at Cackles the way we see them in the series, but since Ada took her mother’s powers, her personality has changed drastically, and Cackles is an entirely different school on how it’s run and how Ada treats the students. Plus, instead of Agatha taking over the school for her own personal vendetta, if there was indeed a new timeline, she could have instead tried to save the school and its students; almost like a role reversal.

Also, I like to think that Hecate and Ada are in a relationship, and if time was indeed changed, then their relationship could be wiped from existence. The thought of that happening doesn’t bear thinking about.

I also noticed that Ada was in Mildred’s school house as they both wear the red sash on their uniform which I think is just adorable. Mildred does remind me of a mini older Ada sometimes.

Which brings me onto the next part, when we see Mildred, and older Ada arrive to see young Ada about to complete the spell, Mildred gives young Ada a heartfelt speech about how she’s not a good witch, and she might be the worst one, but Ada never stopped believing in her. Then Mildred goes on and explains how Ada goes on to become a great Headmistress, and that she is a good person.

In a way, everything Ada has gone on to accomplish and turned out to be such a gentle, and kind-hearted witch may have been partly due to Mildred’s influence after her speech. Even though time reverts to the way it was when they return, Mildred and Ada seem to have their memories intact from the event, but what about young Ada?

I like to think that young Ada’s memories of meeting Mildred and her future self were not completely erased but instead buried deep within her subconsciousness.

Now, this is where my brain gets crazy.

If we go back to the start of series 1; in the episode ‘Selection Day,’ we see Mildred finding out about magic and arriving at Cackles. When Ada first meets her and offers her a sweet after she’s sick from Hecate’s transference spell, Ada looks at her curiously almost as if she has a niggling feeling in the back of her mind that this girl is important, but she doesn’t know why she has such a feeling. It’s only when Mildred saves the school from Agatha, that Ada realises that Mildred plays a vital part in her timeline though she still isn’t sure how. Ada knows she can’t let Mildred leave, so she offers Mildred a place on a trial basis (even though Ada has probably already decided to give her a permanent place at the school). So, in a way; a very timey wimey way, the episode ‘Mists of Time’ has already happened for Ada she isn’t fully aware of it and doesn’t know how Mildred managed to visit her childhood.

That is until we get to the mist of time episode itself.

When the episode starts, we see Ada run through the corridors of the school when she sees the Mist surrounding the castle as if she realises that this is how Mildred managed to visit her younger self.

Even though Ada puts the school on lockdown, to stop other students from leaving, apart of her already knows Mildred finds a way out. As the episode progresses the memories start to manifest; becoming more clearer, and all the pieces begin to fall into place.

At the end of the episode when Mildred and Ada return; everything is reverted to the way it was, and we see Ada wrap an arm around Mildred in a one arm hug. Almost as if thanking her for everything she had unknowingly done for Ada over the years and helped her become the gentle and kind-hearted witch she is today.


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