The Baby Dilemma


A little idea that sprang to me one evening and i just loved the thought of Hecate and Ada finding a baby on the castle grounds, and adopting her. So, i couldn’t help but start writing it.

Under the cut is a little snippet of what i have so far.

The Baby Dilemma

“Ada, how are we supposed to look after a baby? I have classes to teach and you have a school to run.”

“We’ll manage, Hecate,” reassured Ada with a beaming smile when the infant reached out to grab her finger gripping it tightly.

Hecate looked down at the baby in her arms not knowing if she could take on such a responsibility. A baby was demanding and required attention around the clock. Not to mention the castle was hardly an ideal home for a baby to live in with it’s cold and dreary rooms and filled with young girls still learning the craft. Anything could happen.

“I know that you’re worried, Hecate but she has nowhere else to go. Until we know more and manage to track down her parents, this is the safest place for her.”

The Potion’s Mistress was at a loss for words. Surely Ada wasn’t insinuating that they look after the infant. She didn’t know the first thing about babies. The thought of being responsible for someone so small and fragile terrified her. As if sensing her thoughts, Hecate felt a sharp tug on her necklace causing her to panic. She looked down to see a tiny fist wrapped tightly around the gold chain, and the baby looking up at her with a toothless smile.

Hecate inwardly sighed, and gently tried to pry the infant to let go of the chain, but she only seemed to grip it tighter.

“You need to let go of the chain, sweetheart,” whispered Hecate smiling softly when she saw the tiny hand release her necklace letting out a squeal in happiness.

Ada watched the tender scene, feeling her heart burst with love at Hecate’s endearment. She would have made a great mother, even though she would try to deny it.

“She needs a name,” Hecate said looking over at Ada who was staring at her with adoration. She could feel her face begin to flush and quickly bowed her head to hide her embarrassment realising Ada must have heard her slip of the tongue.

“You’re right, Hecate. How about, Mia? It means wished for a child.”

“We didn’t wish for a child though, Ada.” Hecate pointed out.

Ada hummed lost in thought, “you’re right.  There is also, Emilia, Isla, Gianna, Arabella…”

Hecate scrunched up her nose at the list of names, Ada had suggested. While they were decent enough names, none of them seemed to suit the child in her arms.

“Catherine, Ana, Elaina, Eudora, Freya…” Ada continued listing off the first names that came to her mind.

Hecate eyes widened, “Wait, what was the second last one.”

Ada looked at her confused, “Eudora?”

She saw Hecate nod, and Ada gave a beaming smile, “I would say it’s very fitting. It means good gift or Goddess. A similar name meaning to someone else I know and quite fond of.”

Hecate looked back down at the baby whose eyes were now closed, as she slept peacefully. “Eudora.” She muttered in adoration. “Eudora Cackle-Hardbroom.”

Ada stood in shock, unsure if she had heard Hecate correctly. “Are you sure, Hecate?”

“Of course, if she is to stay here until further notice, we may as well give her our surnames. After all, it will be us who will be taking care of her.”

“I love the idea, but what will we say if people ask? We can’t say we found her abandoned on the school grounds with nothing but a note. The Magic Council would put her in care.”

“Then we modify the note slightly. If people ask, we’ll say we were looking into adoption and didn’t say anything as we were waiting for approval and for the legal papers to be filed.”

“And the surname?” Ada asked with a raised eyebrow.

Hecate opened and closed her mouth not sure how to respond. She hadn’t thought that far ahead.

“How about, only if you are comfortable with the idea. Of course, you don’t have to agree.”

“What idea, Ada?” Hecate cut in, eyes softening at seeing Ada start to become flustered as she struggled to form words as to what she was thinking.

“We say that we decided to get married over the summer in a small ceremony.”

Hecate’s eyes widened in shock and surprise, not expecting those words to fall from Ada’s lips. She felt her heart begin to race. While their colleagues were aware of their relationship, the idea of marriage had not once crossed her mind. It was a fantasy; a dream that she believed would never happen. She loved the smaller witch with all her heart and soul and would be proud to call Ada her wife.

“As I say, you don’t have to agree, it was just an idea,” Ada muttered nervously playing with her black and gold talisman necklace as she waited for Hecate’s answer.

“I believe your idea would solve our surname dilemma, Ada and I’m more than agreeable. Even more so, that it will also stop Dimity asking me on a daily basis how long she would have to wait until our handfasting ceremony.”

Ada couldn’t help but laugh, “she has been asking me the same question.”

“Why does that not surprise me.” Hecate muttered while gently rocking Eudora in her arms.

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