One-shots and Short Stories

I Did Get One Thing Right

A mixed collection of James Bond/Olivia Mansfield one shots and short stories.

This series will contain a variety of James Bond/Olivia Mansfield one shots and short stories. These will be in no particular order and will be independent of each other, but the Bond/Olivia pairing will remain throughout in some shape or form. I always feel there is more to the scenes in the Craig Bond movies that we do not get to see, so I wanted to ratify that and make a selection of stories that are based on the films, but that are also gap fillers as well as filling in plot holes with my own ideas. So, due to this, the setting and story lines will change from time to time and will not necessarily follow on from each other unless stated otherwise in the authors note. I have compiled these short stories under one primary domain to keep them organised.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me and I will try and answer any questions you may have. Until then I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their respective franchise owners.

When James Met Emma

The First Meeting

Shattered Glass

The Gift

Rumour Has It

Lost and Found

A Birthday To Remember

Something In The Water


The Uninvited Houseguest

Tender Loving Care

Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me)